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2.5 Billion T.rexes Stalked Earth As the Initial Attempt to Calculate T. rex numbers!!


Through the late Cretaceous period, Tyrannosaurus rex sneaked Earth in large numbers. Almost 2.5 billion of the dinosaur kings lived over about 2.5M years, hiking through N.A as they hunted prey and reflected their serrated, banana-size teeth, a new study discovers.

According to the researchers, finding this number was challenging. After analyzing many factors, including the apex predator’s population density and home range, they discovered that about 20,000 adults T. rex individuals were lively at any one time between about 68M & 65.5M years ago, the researchers detailed in a study published online on the 15th of April in the journal Science. 

The research in the 127,000 generations, the 1.2M to 3.6M years of their survival, and its sexual maturity of 14 – 17 years and maximum life span of 28 years. Because of the size of the T-Rex, it was decided that the carnivore needed an ample amount of energy, which means a lower population density. It was pulled out – there was an expected two in a place the size of D.C., or 3,800 in California.

While this is simply a rough view with a margin of error, it gives enough reason why there’ve been about only 100 fossils found. Charles Marshall, director of the University of California Museum of Paleontology, illustrates that if there’d been 2.5M T. rexes rather than 2.5 billion, we’d have not known that they even existed.

Billions of T. rexes existed, according to the study, but comparatively few T. rex fossils are recovered. Present records reveal that fewer than 100 T. rex individuals are uncovered, and many of these are each known from a fossilized bone.

“There are around 32 well-preserved, post-juvenile T. rexes in public museums now,” Marshall stated. “Of all the post-juvenile adults that ever lived, this means we have one in 80M of them.”

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