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Aaron Rodgers turns Petty to Power; Packers Slighted Him with Jordan Love Draft

After a long gap of twenty-three months, the Green Bay Packers moved up by four spots in the 2020 NFL draft and took quarterback Jordan Love out of Utah State. In a stunning move to the NFL, the Packers had picked Aaron Rodgers’ presumptive replacement. Brass argued that Love happens to be the highest-rated talent available, but the justification for the same was believed by just a few. Brass further mentioned that one does not just trade up to take a first-round QB when you have a team coming off an NFC game defeat but with continued potential to still win a Super Bowl.

Green Bay was well aware that Rodgers throws passive-aggressively and even does tight spirals. However, it came as a surprise to their then 36-year-old, still great QB, with the selection of Love rather than one more wide receiver or one more linebacker who might put the team over the top and help them dive straight into the Super Bowl. As Love stood sidelined, Rodgers stood in agreement to return to the Packers. He is expected to be back for a period of four years and a ton of money, but the final deal is yet to be closed.

Though fans seemed tired or turned off by the Rodgers-led soap opera in the past two years, something remains undeniable: His bosses brought in a hotshot replacement and then swatted it aside. Rodger still successfully holds his job with even more power and presumably a lot more money. Taking to social handles, Rodgers said, “I am very excited to be back.” He kept his statement brief in order to save his extensive comments for the news cycle, which would follow sometime in the future.

Green Bay could trade Jordan Love owing to the quarterback desperate franchises which exist out there and the dearth of the prospects in the 2022 draft. Love has never had a good chance to prove himself apart from the start in Kansas City.

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