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Apple says leak harms accessory makers, consumers, and the company as a whole!


Apple is a notoriously secretive company. The Motherboard has acquired a cease and desist letter sheds new light on exactly why, arguing that leaks harm accessory makers, consumers, and Apple itself. Apple’s lawyers in China sent the C&D order to a Chinese citizen, saying that leaks could mislead case manufacturers about Apple’s iPhone dimensions, making accessories incompatible with the final product.

The company also says that leaked info prevents the company from surprise and delight consumers at launch events. “Apple has made every effort to take strict measures to maintain confidentiality for any information about Apple’s products before their official release to ensure that every time Apple releases a new product, it can surprise the public,” the letter reads. The secret of Apple’s latest technological innovation is an important part of the company DNA.”

“Such situations harm the interests of consumers and Apple. Therefore, it is obvious that when the unpublished information about the design and performance of Apple’s products is kept confidential, it has actual and potential commercial value,” Apple’s letter reads.

The letter was sent as part of a crackdown on prototypes of unannounced Apple products on social media. The factory employees steal these devices and sales to anyone. This results in details being leaked in public months before the official announcements about these devices.

Motherboards reports that desist letter and the case it obtained was dated June 18th. It is unclear how many people were sent these letters, but it is the same month in which the Twitter account of a seller, “Mr White,” disappearing from the platform. In June, a leaker Kand, revealed on Weibo that they’d received a notice from the company and have to stop posting about upcoming devices.

There are lots of reasons why companies do not want their unannounced plan to be out in public. The leak of confidential product information might allow competitors to start production on a similar product. Hearing about the upgraded model, people will not prefer buying the existing model.


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