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Ashley Cain daughter Azaylia left us all aged 8 months!!


Ashley Cain has reported news that his 8-month-old daughter, Azaylia, has passed away. For months, the daughter was being treated for a rare & aggressive form of leukemia, and on Sunday, Cain and Safiyya Vorajee, declared this tragic news.
“Rest In Paradise Princess,” Ashley posted on Instagram. “I’ll hold you in my heart always until I can hold you again in heaven.” “You’re my Angel my heartbeat my soul, RIP my precious baby, you’ll be with me always like a handprint on my heart,” Safiyya wrote in her eulogy.

The reality star (Cain), 30, and Safiyya welcomed their newborn girl in August last year. Two months later, Ashley revealed that the baby was diagnosed with a “rare & aggressive” form of leukemia, which he called the “most upsetting, terrifying and tragic” news to hear as a father.
Azaylia has gone through a stem cell procedure in January month in hopes of lengthening her life. The following month, despite, cancer reappeared.

Ahead of Azaylia’s death, Ashley was told to “make the most” of his time with his child by doctors who told him that the baby was nearing her last days. The former pro soccer player announced that the family was “emotionally informed that Azaylia’s leukemia had is back again” moments before she was scheduled to leave the hospital.
Then, in late March, Ashley told that his daughter had “heartbreakingly relapsed and we have directly been admitted back into hospital as inpatients,” computing, “We’re devastated at the message and are left with very less options.”

Speaking to followers in his story while taking Azaylia for a stroll near their home on the 23rd of April, Ashley spoke about the message he had received from the doctors. “You can understand what that message means,” he then finally stated.

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