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Did Detective Dev Anand Kill His Wife Mehak?

It is an Indian suspense and drama, television-based series. Peninsula pictures produce the series. The series is all about a detective Dev Anand Burman who is having his life battles with his inner demons only. The crimes stories portrayed in the series are from real-life stories and not just fictional. The very first season of the show was premiered on 5 August in the year 2017. After he launch of 27 episodes in total, the first season ended on 27 November in the same year only. The show renewed for the second season that started airing on 25 June in the year 2018. The second had 44 episodes in total and the season concluded on 6 September in the year 2018. The show broadcasted on the channel of colors TV. Every episode’s running time in season 1 was 1 hour and in season 2 it was 30 minutes per episode.

A plot of the series

As mentioned above, detective dev is having a life battle with his inner demons that are caused by the death of his wife Mehak. Although he has now become a recluse, he is still working on the crime cases with inspector Amod. However, the inspector somehow believes that he is the one who has murdered his wife. His landlady, Zohra APA treats him like her own son, dev befriends her. Later in the show, dev meets a fire-brand named Meera, who encourages and forces him to reassess his life and put it together.

Episode-3: murder in Samarpan apartments

The episode aired on 12 August of the year 2017. It revolves around a young woman named Geeta, who gets murdered in her own house. On the basis of complaints received from Geeta’s neighbors and her best friend Daisy, the inspector arrests her boyfriend. Well, there are many suspects on detective’s radar but her boyfriend is not one of them now. The scattered thoughts of dev get an uncontrollable compulsion and hen he receives very unexpected yet appealing help from Meera. The series kept of becoming interested with the release of every other episode and received a pretty high rating too from the critics.

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