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Green hell ps4 release date


Green hell- video game

Green hell is a survival multiplayer video game which takes place in the Amazon rainforest as the name says. It was created and published by Creepy jar. It is said to be a game of sweltering struggle for the survival of the player in the forests of Amazon rover. Clinging onto his life, the player is all set on a journey as the durability is not just for the body but also for the mind.

Facts about the game

Developers- creepy jar

Publishers- creepy jar

Platforms- Microsoft windows

Nintendo switch

Release date- Microsoft windows; 5 September 2019, Nintendo switch; 8 October, 2020

Genre- survival

Mode- single and multiplayer

Storyline of the game

The story of the game is followed by an anthropologist and a rainforest researcher named Jake Higgins, who suddenly out if nowhere wakes up in the jungle which is situated on the edges of Amazon river. Now, to ensure his survival he tries to familiarize himself with surroundings of the forest and in the hope to find her love Mia again. Mia in the game is described as a linguistic person and someone who tries to make the first contact with the indigenous people there. The story moves forward as Jake gets to know that his wife is in some danger. There only connection with each other is through a radio.

Release date of ps4

As green hell has sold for over 1.5 million copies of the game since his successful early launch. According to the stats, access launch was available in September 2019 will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox 1 and Xbox series in 2021. So it can be said that sometimes between January and by the end of June- probably in March or in early April is to be assumed the next release date for the game in ps4. As green hell is confirmed for its release in ps4 and as said earlier, as a its content and the roadmap it will release somewhere in 2021. Creepy jar has confirmed its release in this year.

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