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Is There a Sequel of the Croods?


Croods is a universal movie’s animated movie, full name- The croods: A new Age. The movie continously made a big hit every weekend after its release in the box office. The third weekend was around $3 million, which brought its total earnings to $24.1 million in the box office. Well, no doubt this is huge. And apart from its home country, overseas too, the movie earned another amount of $8.4 million, which lead to a total reach of $76.3 million at the global level.

Well, now thanking the unprecedented agreement that made and allowed The Universal Production to have a new release on the very demand from the fans, which is within the weeks of the previous movie’s theatrical premiere, the studio has been more willing than rivals to unveil smaller-scale movies during the pandemic.

That’s resulted in Universal, and its specialty label Focus Features dominating over U.S. charts. Three of the top five highest-grossing movies this weekend belong to the Comcast-owned studio.

Quick facts about the Croods


Directed by- joel Crawford

Produced by- mark swift

Story by- kirk Demicco, chris sanders

Starring- Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann, kelly Marie Tran.

Music by- Mark Mothersbaugh

Edited by- james ryan

Distributed by- universal pictures

Release date- November 25 in 2020

Country- United states

Running time- 95 minutes

Language- English

Budget- $65 million

Box office- 160.1 million

The first sequel of the croods was initially announced in 2013 by the directors Dimicco and sanders, returning to helm the final movie. The movie’s development continued through the year 2014 and 2015 until the film was canceled in November of 2016 because of some doubts about the universal movie’s acquisition. The very project was revived, and the movie started in the making again in the tear 2017 but with Crawford, who replaced Sanders and DiMicco as the director of the movie. Because of the ongoing situation due to the covid-19 pandemic situation globally, many of the animation movies had to be done from within the crew member’s home only.


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