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Lia Thomas of having an unfair advantage: Critics

According to the news, After winning the NCAA swimming championship, trans swimming star Lia Thomas has become a controversial subject among conservatives. However, the data shows the other evidence that she performed any differently from other women.

When Lia Thomas won the women’s 500 yard (457 meters) freestyle race on 17th March, she became the first openly transgender athlete who won America’s top trophy in university sports.
Twenty-two years old American swimmers achieved the number one rank in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s first division swimming championship. And it was her final competition as a college athlete.

Besides achieving the great victory, Lia Thomas has become a point of public debate about transgender women in sport. Also, she has also become a target for American rights.

Sports stars, politicians, activists, competitors, and even some of Thomas’s teammates’ parents have criticized her right to compete in women’s races as a trans woman. Apart from that, demonstrators at the NCAA final last week also stated that “her time living as a man gave her an unfair advantage.”

Ron DeSantis, who is the Republican governor of Florida, signed a proclamation on Tuesday announcing 500-yard runner-up Emma Weyant the “rightful winner” after approving legislation prohibiting trans women from participating in high school and college women’s sports last year.

Despite this, there has been some information available regarding how Ms. Thomas’s performance compares to that of other women in her position. The data analyzed by the Independent indicate that she is a threat to women’s sports.

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