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Nintendo Switch Online Console Potential Leaked!

Nintendo Switch Online Console Potential Leaked!

The Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack has included N64 and Sega Genesis titles to Nintendo Switch Online. The current anticipation is that the service will be expanded to include other platforms. However, this has yet to be verified. However, the N64 app’s files indicate that this is the case.

According to recent reports, the Nintendo Game Boy would be the next system to join Nintendo Switch Online. According to some speculations, it will be the Nintendo GameCube. For many, this data mining revelation confirms these stories; nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that the number four, like the number nine, is considered unlucky in Japan, so it’s possible it was ignored for that reason alone.

Data miner’s Response

Dataminers have pointed out that each game mentioned has IDs for each platform, and these IDs are represented by numbers, in a massive data mining dump that discloses the N64 and Sega Genesis titles coming to the site in the future. For example, “2” stands for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, “3” for the Nintendo 64, and “5” for the Sega Genesis. There is currently no platform with the number “4”, which implies that one will be added in the future.

Nintendo Switch Online Console Potential Leaked!

Initial data mining from the N64 app, according to the data miner, is rather fruitful. According to the game IDs, NSO will have at least 38 N64 games. Because the list is organized alphabetically, you can already fill in some of the blanks: 37 is Majora, 32 is Smash, 33 is Wave Race, 14-16 is Mario Party, and so on. Mega Drive, on the other hand, proved to be much more intriguing. There are at least 52 people here! If you’re still unsure about other NSO platforms outside these two, check the first number of each platform’s game IDs. You can figure out what that means because the N64 is 3, the MD is 5, and the SNES is 2.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds. In the meanwhile, click here for additional information on all things Nintendo, including the latest news, rumors, leaks, and conjecture.