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PowerA’s Fusion Pro for the Nintendo Switch is a customized controller!

PowerA Fusion Pro

PowerA’s Fusion Pro for the Nintendo Switch is a customized controller and priced at $99.99. It has a handful of components that users can physically swap out to fit their preferences better and is more similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite than Nintendo’s Switch Pro gamepad. For example, if the user does not like how the Fusion Pro’s analogue sticks feel out of the box, the user can swap them. In the zip-up case that it ships in, there are two extra sticks. There is a tall smooth convex stick and a much taller concave stick with the two standard sticks.

The Fusion Pro supports swappable faceplates. The default white plate is felt similar to many other controllers and is matte textured. Black plate has a grippier texture which with the Fusion Pro’s rubber-coated grips blends smoothly. As compared to Nintendo Switch Pro, the Fusion Pro is a little bigger. It connects wirelessly and has long battery life like a Nintendo-made controller. PowerA claims up to 20 hours per charge. This controller includes a 9.8-foot USB-A to USB-C cable to recharge or to play in wired USB mode.

The Fusion Pro’s back is where up to four mappable paddles can be installed onto the “Pro Pack” (a removable module) that snaps on. Users can map up to four controller functions to the paddles. The module is optional, though. If users do not want t on the controller, it pops off easily. The paddles come in handy for games that have complicated control schemes like Monster Hunter: Rise.

Assigning functions to the paddles is simple. On the controller’s rear, there is a button that helps in programming each paddle, and the process involves holding it for three seconds until an LED lights up on the controller’s front side. Then tap the button the user would like to remap, then press the paddle to which the user would like to be assigned. This controller lacks vibration, and the games that have Amiibo cards and figures are not supported by it as it does not have an NFC chip.


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