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Sam Darnold claims he can be an NFL top quarterback

As per reports, Despite a 17-32 record as a starter in the NFL and the possibility of being replaced by Deshaun Watson and now third-round pick Matt Corral this offseason, Sam Darnold remains confident in his skills as the starter for the Carolina Panthers.

If I know what we’re doing and what the defense is doing I’m confident I’ll be one of the top quarterbacks in this league,” Darnold said on Tuesday, the first time he has talked to reporters since offseason training started. “I’ve never seen a quarterback practice like this,” Coach Matt Rhule, who has not ruled out adding a veteran at some time, said of quarterback Sam Darnold.

Sam Rhule has been through a lot this summer, according to Rhule. But it would be a huge leap to go from focused to one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Darnold has been one of the NFL’s worst quarterbacks since the Jets took him with the third overall choice in the 2018 draught. Among qualified quarterbacks in 2021, his cumulative QBR of 33.2 ranked 29th.

Since 2018, he has had a career completion percentage of 59.8 percent, which puts him in the bottom half of the league. Why does Carolina want to get a seasoned quarterback? Because of them. Everyone, including Darnold himself, is aware of the current predicament.

This way of thinking is aimed at helping him improve his footwork, which has been an issue for him since entering the league. A year ago, Darnold admitted that his feet “became really… crazy.” As Darnold put it, “If I were to think about it like that, I could get caught up in the wash… In practice, I’m focused solely on executing the play I’m working on. “Even when you’re playing, you’re not thinking, “This is a contract year, I better ball out.”

“You need to be dependable as a quarterback. Each and every day, as well as each play, must be consistent. “Really, it’s just going out there and playing every play like it’s my last,” said Darnold. It’s difficult enough to be a quarterback.”

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