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Samsung New Edition To Be The World’s First QLED Chrome OS laptop!!


Google’s Chromebooks don’t appear with plenty of apps preinstalled, unlike many other laptops out there. The basics like Chrome, Gmail, Play Store, and the other Google apps are in there and an expected list of service shipping out-of-the-box. Nonetheless, Google is now extending that list of pre-installed Chrome OS apps to hold Google Chat and Google Meet. This news came thanks to a pair of latest feature flags that’s been detected by 9to5Google. The second-generation Galaxy Chromebook now – a lot less for a lack of a better word “bougie” than its forerunner, which originated at 1,000 dollars because of its expensive 4K OLED display, built-in S Pen, and ultra-thin form factor. No discourtesy to Chromebooks, but if I’d a splendid, there is no way in hell I am using it on a Chrome OS laptop. One of the best trading points of it is their budget-friendly price tags. Samsung locked out of its “premium Chromebook” purposes and cut the cost of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 in half.

What’s More, To Come?

Already Google Chat being the primary messaging tool on Google Workspace, while non-business clients are being adjusted over from Google Hangouts to Google Chat – that change is going to proceed over the following months.

As far as it is concerned with Google Meet, that is Google’s primary Zoom competitor: with more of us WFH in present times for several reasons, It has also been keen to push Meet as a competent and versatile video calling stage that works for both one-to-one and larger group conferences.

Google Meet and Google Chat are available as Android apps, but these apps will be the web versions of the tools, although Chrome OS has built-in assistance for running Android apps. The extensions of Meet & Chat are listed to be ready for Chrome OS version 92, which might probably reach us by the end of July. 

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