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Sean Payton is set to sign a $100 million contract with the Miami Dolphins

As per reports, The Dolphins wanted to hire Sean Payton as their next head coach with the hopes of securing the services of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

You’re also aware that everything went up in flames after former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit (on the same day Brady announced his brief retirement). Having worked out a deal with the Saints for Payton, the Dolphins would have traded at least a first-round pick to New Orleans.

A deal between Miami and Tampa Bay for Brady to play for the Dolphins would have been made after the Buccaneers had acquired a new starting quarterback via trade or free agency. Payton was ready to sign a $100 million contract with the Dolphins. Late last week, a source reported that Payton was offered a five-year deal worth $20 million per year.

On Monday, our source reported that it would have cost $100 million over the course of four years. Given (1) the deal was already finalized and (2) the current state of the coaching market, a length of four or five years in the contract would not be unexpected. It’s safe to say that someone will try to unseat Payton again next year.

If you read Playmakers, you’ll know that in early 2019, a strange twist in the Anthony Davis-New Orleans Pelicans situation put a stop to a planned switch from Jason Garrett to Payton in Dallas. It’s Brady and Payton in Miami. Although Brady wouldn’t last another day with Belichick, he appreciates the importance of rigorous coaching for himself and his teammates.

It is possible that Payton and Brady, who will be free agents in 2023, could join forces with another team at some point. All of this hinges on Payton’s future destination and the need for a quarterback there.

Miami, which is still a possible destination for Brady, will not replace Mike McDaniel after one season in the role. If Payton joins the Cowboys, they won’t be bringing in a new quarterback.

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