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What Could Be The Storyline of Signal Season 2?


The signal is a drama which Korean drama show. The broadcasting date of season 2 of the ‘Signal‘ is currently postponed, and the date is still indefinite to be released. The cause of delay is said to be the schedule of cast members. The writer of the drama has shown big regret and empathy towards the fans of the show as they have to wait further for the release of season 2.


The very first season of the show was broadcasted in the year 2016. The series received immense love and high ratings from all over. They got great reviews from the critics too. The series soon became one of the highest-rated Korean drama in television cable history, which had a peak audience share of 12.54% overall. Talking about the storyline, the story revolves around a very mysterious walkie-talkie that enables a detective in the year 2000 to have conversations with a cold case profiler in the future, in the year 2015. By having this power, the two of them solve the criminal issues and prevent many of them from happening in the first place. There were three main characters in the show that portrayed fantastic chemistry, and not just that their chemistry goes beyond the time and places. Lee Je Hoon played a criminal profile parker, while Park Hae Yeong added all the fun to crime investigations with his unique and extraordinary analysis skills. Kim Hye Soo played the role of the detective Cha Soo Hyun, who showed the personality of a very calm judgmental and someone with a powerful charisma as the cold case’s leader of the unit while breaking all the stereotypes of the female police characters who have mostly displayed the role of a passive character.

Other main points and the interesting one were that some of the cold cases dealt with in the show were based on actual events of violent crime cases. The serial murder case in the southern Gyeonggi province was based on actual events and portrayed the same. So if you have the background knowledge, you will enjoy the show even more than anyone else.


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