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What is so Special About “My Love From Another Star”?

My love from another star is a very famous romantic-fantasy South Korean series. The series is television-based in South Korea. The series broadcasted in the country from December 18 in the year 2013 and concluded on 27 February in the next year, 2014. The series had a total of 21 episodes. The series basically portrays the story of an alien who lands the earth in the year 1609, and then after a total of 400 years, he falls in love with an actress. The show my love from the star gained all of its popularity initially only when it broadcasted worldwide and left an impact not just on the show and film industry but also on fashion and restaurants and even make-up. The series also received several awards, and one of them also included the highest authority award of the whole of Korea. The cast of the show was also nominated for some top awards and won them too.

Talking about season 2 and the release date of season 2 of the series. As mentioned before, You Who Came from the Stars’ Season 1 premiered in Korea on SBS on December 18, 2013. After broadcasting about 21 episodes, it concluded with its finale on February 27, 2014. The series garnered immense love from the audience, which was not just from Korea but from across the whole world, approval ratings and even greatly influenced Korean fashion as the series showed a new sense of fashion and trends, so the youth was really inspired by the fashion and trend portrayed in the series. It was also extremely successful in China, where soon it progressed to become the most expensive drama to be sold to date. It was released internationally in several nations, including the US, where it was broadcast on Viki, Drama Fever, and Sky Link TV. It is now also available on the platform of Netflix, which is available worldwide as the series can be watched in 21 different languages. Although, on the Netflix platform, the series is only available in the Korean language, there are subtitles in different languages.

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