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What was the childhood of Azealia banks like?

Azealia Banks is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. She was born and raised in Harlem, which is a neighboring city of New York. She began releasing her music from the age of 18 only. In the year 29012, her debut as a single named 212 went viral and gained much love, and entered many international platforms. She ultimately then became an independent singer and started recording her own labels.

Here are some of the quick facts about banks

Born- May 31 in the year 1991.

Occupation- Actor, singer, rapper, song-writer

Partner- Ryder rips

Genre- hip hop, hip house, pop house

Active years- 2005, 2008-present

Early and career of banks

Banks was born on May 31 in 1991, in New York City. She has two siblings, and she is the youngest one. Her single mother raised her and two other of her sisters in Harlem. Her father died when she was just 2 years old with pancreatic cancer. After her father’s death, she said her mother became very violent and abusive physically and verbally. She also mentioned how her mother hit her and her sisters with baseball bats, bang their heads against the wall; she also used to tell Azealia that she was ugly, she also told that how once her mother threw everything out of the fridge so that they would have nothing to eat, her relationship with her mother was very toxic and it kept on getting worse, so she moved out of the house at the age of 14 and went to live with her elder sister.

At a very young age, Banks became interested in musical theater, dancing, acting, and singing. At age 16, she also starred in a production of the comedy-noir musical City of Angels, where she was found by an agent who sent her to auditions for TBS, Nickelodeon, and Law & Order, and guess what? This all without success. At this point, Banks decided to end her pursuit of an acting career because of citing the stiff competition and overall sense of unfulfillment. Now, Because of this unfulfillment, she began writing rap and R&B songs as a creative outlet. She never finished high school. Instead, she chooses to follow her dream of becoming a recording artist.


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