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When Will the Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100 Release?


Season 3 of mob psycho season 3 is absolutely one of the most anticipated and loveable series from Japanese manga series. Their fans have been looking forward to since 1.5 years to this season as the interest raised in the last season was too high. One of the main causes of the series’ season 2 success is the demand for the next season’s release. Guess we can clearly predict the level of the bar raised from this. The next season of mob psycho is supposed to release Japan only and the next year. And the best news for the fans is that if everything goes well, the series is most likely to release in April this year only. But sadly, the ongoing things because of this covid-19 pandemic is the main barrier which is coming in between the making and release of season 3. Well, we all are aware of how this coronavirus has shattered each industry across the global level, causing an unbearable loss to everyone. Television shows, series, movies, and anime shows are mostly canceled or postponed because of ongoing things.


Well, now, coming back to the mob psycho seasons, according to the reports, mob psycho 100 season 3 is most likely to begin from where the last season was concluded. The last season ended with the mob losing all his powers and being apparently wealed by everyone in the town. It is most likely to see many of the previous characters like a dimple, teruki Kanazawa, and reign arataka. And Haruki Amakusa is said to be joining the cast in the next season. Well, shou Suzuki and Ritsu Kageyama are also very likely to return in the series. As the fans love them, the old cast from the very last season is likely to come again in their same roles for the mob psycho 100 season 3. A very new character named Haruki Amakusa is most likely to join the cast in the next season too. Well, some more spoilers are on their way to the plot and will be out soon.

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