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Which Monster Is Larger in The Monster Hunter World??


Diablos is a large monster in the monster hunter world. The apex monster of the wildspire waste.

Details and locations

It is found explicitly in wildspire waste. The quest’s main target is a horned tyrant below the sands and twin spires upon the sand. The particular areas in the game are- Diablos, well; Rumble in the waste, and the specific site is HR diablos, the white winds of the new world. The attacking other monsters are- barrack, black diablos, Nathan, deviljhio. There is no small monster version in the game, which makes it more exciting and scary. The series includes flying wyverns.


Diablos can burrow and traverse underground quickly while attacking from different angles, on the other hand. This monster has an ability that can manifest as loud as a shout or a roar which can cause a stun. The monster’s weak spots are the head, wings, and chest, which can be broken is played well. The monster is resistant to fire and thunder to a relatively lesser degree. The diablos can be brought back to the ground forcefully by using some loud sounds. The diaries are quick and have an extensive range, so one should always be ready to dodge when the monster starts an animation in any form. At the start of the game, the diablos are most potent, so here is an effective way to win, which is, in the beginning, try to lure the monster around so that the beast gets tired, and when the creature is exhausted, it is less powerful, quick and slow.


Diablos hatchets I Diablos wall I Griffon blazooka+

Diablos hatchets II Diablos wall II Honking bazooka

Diablos clubs I Diablos tyrannis I Diablos I        

Diablos clubs II Diablos tyrannies II Diablos blow II.          

Diablos clubs III Diablos tyrannis III      

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