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Who is Dylan spouse’ girlfriend?

Dylan sprouse is a very famous American actor and entrepreneur. He is the twin brother of cole sprouse. He is basically known for his show of the suite life of zack and cody. The show was a Disney channel series. He is known for his role as zack martin in the show. The show had a spin-off, too, named the suite life on deck. 

Quick facts about Dylan Spouse

Born- August 4, 1992, current age 28

Nationality- American

Occupation- Actor

Active years- 1993-2012, 2017- present

Education- new York university

Known for the suite life of zack and Cody

Personal life and girlfriends of Dylan

As of now, Dylan’s girlfriend is Barbara Palvin. The two of them confirmed their relationship through an Instagram post where Barabara posted a picture of them on his birthday.  Barbara is a very famous model in the fashion world. Her nationality is Hungarian. The two of them are together since the July of the year 2018. Her current age is 24. They are a very happy and ridiculously attractive couple.

Before barbara, Dylan dated Dayna. The two of them dated for some years. During their breakup, Dayna accused Dylan of cheating on her, although Dylan denied this by tweeting a series of tweet. Both of them deleted almost all their posts and pictures together from their Instagram accounts after the breakup. So there are not many pictures of them to see for the fans. But after all, they had a quite heated and intense breakup as reported by the reporters.

Before barbara and Dayna, Dylan also had a fling in his youth with a Disney character named Miley Cyrus. The two of them met on a set. And they started dating soon. Although their relationship did not end for a long period and unfortunately it was not meant to be. The two of them broke up soon as nick jones walked by, and they got separated.

As a spouse is a big celebrity, there are many rumors about her girlfriends and dating them and it is quite hard to find which one is true and which ones are not.

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