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Who Performed the Role of James Bond? What’s The Secret Behind 007?

James bond is a fictional character created by a novelist named Ian Fleming in 1953. James is a British secret agent who works for m16 and answers his codename, which is “007”. He has been portrayed in about twenty-seven films production. All of these films except two of them were made by Eon Productions. And now Eon holds the full right to all the fleming’s bond novels.

Awards of the Bond films

Throughout their fifty years of history, bond films have been nominated for several awards. And most of the movies are winning those awards. These include success at British academy film awards, golden globe awards, and academy awards.

Talking about the two non-eon films, these were casino royale released in the year 1967, where the bond actor was David Niven, and never say never again, which was released in the year 1983, where the bond actor was Sean Connery.

Quick facts about James bond (in-universe information)

Gender- Male

Title- commander

Occupation- Intelligence Agent

Family- Andrew bond (father), Monique Delacroix (mother)

Spouse- Teresa di Vicenzo (widowed)

Significant other- Bond girls

Children- James Suzuki

Nationality- British with Scottish descent.

James’s character is a secret intelligence service agent, having the code number 007, which is pronounced as double o seven. The name is residing in London but is active internationally. Bond has several character traits that run throughout the book, including the enjoyment of cars, love for food, alcohol and making love, and a smoking habit of about 60 custom-made cigarettes a day.

Background of bond

During world way II, Ian Fleming mentioned to his friends that he wanted to write a spy novel. It did not happen before 1952, just a little short before his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend, he started writing the casino royale to distract himself from the upcoming events. He finished the book in just over a month, which was completed on 18 March in 1952.

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