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Will the Season of Doctor Romantic Release in 2022?

Doctor Romantic

Doctor romantic is a South Korean romantic and drama series. It is a television-based series. The first season of the Dr. Romantic broadcasted in the year 2016 and got immense love from the audience, and received high ratings from every platform. The series is now available to watch on the platform of Netflix, too, from the date October 13 of the year 2020. As the first season was recorded to be very fine and got too much love from the fans, they are now waiting for the second season even after more than four years.

The story of the show is about a romantic doctor that broadcasted in the year 2016. Soon after the show’s release, it became one of the most viewed and top-grossing romantic drama series. The story revolves around a 16-year-old young girl who is exceptionally impolite, and she is done with all the things that life offers her. The main reason for her this behavior and nature is her mother’s death which happened when she was tiny. She even tried the school as she was always aggressive, impolite, and even rude sometimes. This is not just it, her father gets tired of her, and with all the situation too, he leaves her with her grandmother and leaves. And then her miserable life, full of boredom and nothing special at all, changes drastically when she meets her mentor. The mentor she meets is a medical student and a brilliant one. He has already started his career as a doctor. But medical accident made her start a new path as a biology teacher and mentor. After being with her, he finds the girl quite bright and then decides to bring her back to the track.

However, after the first season’s massive success, the creators of the show have not made any announcement related to the second season or the show’s sequel yet. Fans are waiting eagerly for any update related to the second season of the show. But in an event, it has been said that the second season is set for its making and will probably release in the year 2022.

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