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Will there be a renewal of the age of youth?


Age of youth season 2

The age of youth, also known as hello, my twenties, is a very famous South Korean television drama series that was initially premiered in 2016. It was premiered on JTBC, well now it is also available on the Netflix platform for the audience to watch. Talking of the storyline and the series’s plot, the show revolves around five female college-going girls that become housemates while sharing the same residents. All the girls struggle with their everyday problems, including their relationships, job issues, hardships, the share of joy they feel and are filled with all of their experiences.

 Season 2 recap

The girls move to the house after getting admissions into the colleges. Ji-won finally gets to put her pasts ghosts in the past for good this time and believes that it’s time to move on in life. Seo is the grandson of the house owner in which the girls are being moved recently and gets into a very romantic relationship with Jo Eun. Well, as of now, the last episode did not end on with the exact storyline ending and had some hints of the season’s continuation. The fans expect the story to continue for the next season and are eagerly waiting for it. However, the production house confirmed that the show will not be renewed for the next season and said season 2 was the last season. However, it is still not confirmed that the making of the next season’s series remains canceled. Talking of the release date, as the renewal of the next season has not been confirmed yet, so the release date cannot be predicted. The fans of the age of youth will be, however, be disappointed to know that there will be no season 3 or their favorite series. And as the season is not confirmed yet, there is no sign of a trailer for the next season. However, fans have been continually requesting season 3 of the age of youth and any updates related to the new season of the series. Let’s see what happens and if the next season of the age of youth comes or not.

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