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World Trigger Season 2 Is Out? What Is It About?


World trigger is a manga based anime series in Japan. The series is of the same name of manga which was written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. During Jump Festa ’20, it was announced that the series will receive a second season, with the cast reprising their roles. ¬†Toei Animation is returning to produce the anime. Morio Hatano is the new series director, while the rest of the staff are reprising their roles The second season premiered on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block on January 10, 2021. The opening theme is “Force,” performed by TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and the ending article is “Future Eternity”.

Quick facts about the series

County of origin- Japan

Number of total episodes- 9

Original network of the show- TV Asahi

Original release- January 10 2021- present


About the series

The battle continues in season 2 too, and now making it more attractive is now the two against the one. Katori is facing Kuga and Osamu in the struggle, but still, there are two bailouts. She then attacks Osamu, and to our amaze she takes him out with a single hit only. Kuga then uses his wire to attack Katori. The commentators reveals that the trion supply system is destroyed and the match is bailed out. Well, we suggest you not to miss the last three episodes of the world trigger season 2. Because in those episodes, you will find out what will happen to the captain katori, who already thinks that kuga, on the other hand, was done, and she might also feel that she has won the battle already. Well, we thought of giving you a brief of what happens after that, after being attacked by Kuga, captain katori bails out and eventually, kuga is announced as the ultimate winner. The final score after all the matches is 7-1-1, where Takoma has won the game by scoring 2. Kuga on the other side, breaths a sigh of relief that at the end he made it through. He says that all thanks to the scorpions that he has used to cover all his wounds.

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