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Wrestler Jimmy To Help Cesaro Win a UCL against Roman Reigns!!

Roman Reigns

Cesaro was listed to take on Seth Rollins on the 7th of May (yesterday) on a Throwback edition of SmackDown. Ere the match got begun, Jimmy Uso turned to WWE, and Teddy Long came out to not book a game match. Instead, he told that if Cesaro beats Rollins, he will be earning a Universal championship match toward Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash, arriving upon the 16th of May.

The battle between Cesaro & Rollins started immediately, with Usos standing ringside. They are probably there to assure that Cesaro didn’t win. Nevertheless, Jey and Seth crashed into one other on the outside of the ring, creating some anxiety. Rollins shoved Jey to the ground, telling them he does not need his help. We go to the ring and out comes WWE UC Roman Reigns along with Jey Uso & Paul Heyman. Greg Hamilton took up the introductions part as they stand on the stage and Roman lifts the title to pyro.

We get a Progressive-sponsored look back at how Roman beat Daniel Bryan earlier Career vs. Title match. Roman raises the title in the ring as pyro runs off. Heyman grabs the mic to tell Roman has summoned him to applaud the career of Daniel, which we’ll do with a ten-bell salutation. Heyman says to the timekeeper that his help is not required as they will be doing this in their way. Uso, Heyman, and Roman bow their heads as Heyman “counts!” 10 times. Fans boo and promptly chant “you suck!” at the heels.

For the win, Cesaro wanted to capitalize with a Neutralizer. It’ll be Cesaro vs. Reigns at Backlash. Reigns dressed Jimmy down. That is the moment when it was clear that Jimmy is not playing Reign’s games. He said Reigns that he will not allow him to talk the way he does to Jey. Jimmy is nobody’s bitch.

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